My first ever blog.  Was inspired by a young fearless lady named  Jeni Cave who is bringing love and goodness to kids in Kenya.  I have always wanted to write and publish my work but have never taken the time.  Something, anything has always gotten in the way.  What I’ve learned from Jeni is that if you really want something, really want to accomplish something you need to do it and you need to stick with it.  It’s as simple as that.  You like to paint; make the time to put brush to canvas.  You like to write; make the time to put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper . . . It really is that simple.  Think about it and do it every day!!

I’ve called my blog RoundaboutRhonda.  Other than the fact that I like playing with words and sounds, it kind of describes how I’d like to live my life.  Roundabouts are those traffic patterns that originated in Europe and we are beginning to see here in the US, you go round and round until you get to the exit you want to take.  They are also an indirect way of getting to a destination.  Roundabout is about getting around to it, making “it” a priority.  Taking a chance.

Turning words into action, putting the words down . . . Peace, love and getting around to it . . .  🙂




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