There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t see some sort of wildlife here in SWFL. Just a minute ago I saw a doe and buck. They were walking in our backyard. Of course, we have a preserve right out our back door which is a perfect habitat.

We take our puppy Samson out for walks and can sometimes hear alligators, especially this time of year, as it is mating season. You might say we’re in alligator lust season. It’s hard to imagine alligators mating, they are so huge and appear so angry. Oh well, to each his own.

Today we had several inches of rain. The swamps are getting deeper and deeper. Although it was cloudy today, storms usually sneek up on us here. Yesterday we went for a motorcycle ride and on the way home we road through heavy downpour of rain and up ahead we could see sunshine. We road in and out of rain within about 10 minutes.

Sometimes life changes like our weather. And I realize more and more I need to follow my passion before time passes. I’ve always loved to write and was pretty good at it. I have an English degree and had aspirations to write the “great American novel.” Ok, that may be a little grandiose, but I did and do have aspirations to be published. I came upon the WordPress blog site and registered. Posted my first blog today and then published it and shared on Facebook. It’s time to start moving forward.

I came back to check on any comments from my blog and came across the Blog University 101 and decided to sign up. Class began today and my first assignment is to just write random thoughts. How cool is it that I decided to sign up today and then came across the writing 101 class. Kind of confirms to me there is a higher power, we just need to listen.

However, my Higher Power (God) doesn’t make things happen for me. Instead, he’s that small voice inside that if I’m quiet enough I can hear. Writing, to me, is so cathartic, it’s healing. When my first husband passed away from a sudden heart attack I journaled for a year. From time to time I would go back and read past entries. It was healing to write my thoughts down and it was healing to see how far I had come. Those thoughts, were my inner most feelings, I even password protected the document so only I could read it. However, there were times when I read an entry and thought, I could help someone with those words. Maybe I could help someone who is grieving. So for a while I thought about cleaning up the journal and turning it into a story. Well, those thoughts in my brain passed, life moved forward, and the journal sits in a file on my computer. I should really look at it and review what I wrote.

And that’s how life passes by. You’re heading in one direction, you see another road and take that, circle around meaning to come back only to take another road. It’s up to me, to us, to listen to that small voice that urges us to move toward our passion, toward our dreams. It doesn’t matter your age. It matters your determination to turn words into actions, It matters to put the words down and follow your heart. As in a foot race, it’s about starting, the rest just follows.


One thought on “Random Thoughts from Southwest Florida

  1. You are so right…listen to that still small voice! Thanks for reminding me the healing powers of journaling. Many dusty ones are waiting for my return.

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