“What do you mean?” she asked. There isn’t a God, a Higher Power? We are all there is?

“Yes, that’s what I said. Why can’t you just let it be? Same conversation; different day!” “Stop pushing this stuff at me! Through hard work and perseverance I have what I have.” She said in that exasperated tone.

“Okay, I get the hard work and perseverance, God expects us to do the work in our lives! But, don’t you believe we were created by something greater than ourselves? Look around, the beauty of nature.” She pleaded.

“Yeah, and war, murder, hurtful people, forest fires, floods, sickness, death. How do you explain that?” She countered.

“Well, I believe God gave us this perfect world and we keep messing it up. We’ve done that since the beginning, and our messes keep getting bigger and bigger, more hurtful. I’m thinking God isn’t happy with us, but God doesn’t interfere. He loves us. We have free will to live with kindness and caring compassion, or to hurt one another and the beauty around us.” She said.

“So, you think this Higher Power, this God allows us to muck it up? Allows us to get sick and die?” She said in disbelief.

“Yes, I do. I think he doesn’t have a choice since he gave us a heart to feel, and a conscious mind. And, He knows we have weaknesses — Physical, emotional, and intellectual. We are human. He doesn’t walk around fixing us, but He is available to us if we open our heart and mind to Him.”

“So, God gives us all this power so that we can make choices that may hurt people and the world around us and maybe even ourselves? God gives us these imperfect bodies so we can suffer sickness and even die? He takes loved ones away from us? Hmmmmmmmm, I’m not sure I can buy that kind of God.”

“I understand because this is all abstract. This thing of having Faith, of believing. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. You feel there have been times it has let you down. How can a loving God do that?” She asked.

“Yes, how can you have faith in some God who lets bad things happen. Shouldn’t this quote unquote Higher Power be able to control our very actions? I mean, if he loves us, why does he let us suffer?”

“God created all this beauty and flawed people kept doing stupid things and hurting each other and the earth around them. So, as a last resort, to help us see, God sent his son, as a human being, to try to teach us there was a better more peaceful way and to ultimately die for our sins. Because it was our sins of jealousy, fear, anger and disbelief that killed his son Jesus. Jesus taught on mountain tops, in synagogues. He went to the people and they rejected him. They crucified him. So, God let his only son die because and for us. Again, God tried to teach us that all this destruction, anger and hatred was evil. But in all truth, God knew his son was going to die because as human beings we can’t always see. And we have blood on our hands for that!” She exclaimed.

She pondered these words before responding. “So, God sent his son to die for us, yet the world is still in a mess?” And people still get sick and die. And as for blood on our hands, I wasn’t there! Call me skeptical, but I don’t see it.

She smiled, “You’ll never see it. That’s what faith and God are all about. You need to feel it, and you need to live it. You need to believe there is something better out there. It helps me try to take care of what we have on earth. And it lessens my fear as I live among the muck.”

“I’ll have to think a little more about this whole faith and God thing. Believing in something you cannot see. Hmmmmmmmm. Thanks for talking with me about this over and over again. Sorry it ends the same way.”

“No problem. I love talking about faith. Because everytime I talk about faith and God, they become more real.”

They hugged. She smiled and walked away. Would the next conversation end differently? Would her friend finally see what she sees? Would she have that inner peace that comes from understanding? Only time would tell, you can’t hurry love.


3 thoughts on “It’s All About Love

  1. I like the topic. I considered it myself but I decided to talk about pizza instead. I have been so serious with my offerings of late.
    I enjoyed reading. There are some quotations in the beginning missing that takes a moment to think of if there is internal monologue occurring or external. It takes away slightly from the flow, but once you understand it the words are great.
    I think this would end up being a great piece, even a great series if you had more time and were able to actually have different conversations with the difficult questions and the struggle with some answers that Christians do go through at times. I live by faith but I know that isn’t enough of an answer sometimes.
    Much Respect

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