A gathering place. A collage of people dressed in mostly red and blue. They mingle as I watch from a small, round, high table. Where did they come from? It doesn’t matter. They’re here for one reason — To get their game on.

Cool mist and fans dry the sweat on my face and beneath my clothes. A nice reprieve from the Florida heat and humidity. Wings. Hamburgers. Beer in ice buckets. Soda with lots of ice. Keep us cool and happy, keep us comfortable.

Keep us comfortable so we laugh and talk with each other and buy more food and drink. Comfortable so we will stay. Stay until the game starts or through the game.

As more people fill Fergs the noise level rises. The DJ spins tunes. Sports are being shown without sound. No need for sound, TVs only serve as a distraction. A place to glance when there’s that awkward break in the conversation.

We leave to go to the ballgame. When we leave the game we hear music. The party continues. Fergs is the game outside the game. A good time.


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