Trees are blooming brilliant colors of yellow and pink. Birds and squirrels flit around on branches. “I never realized all this detail. Leaves aren’t just green, they are shades of green. The sky is brilliant blues with puffy white clouds. The sun casts shadows that change shapes and colors.”

A young couple walk by deep in conversation seemingly unaware of the world around them. “I remember those days. I missed so much around me, as we talked. She pauses and looks around. Now I miss sharing all that I see. She remembers and tears fill her eyes.


She softly tells him, “I’m pregnant.” Tears in her eyes she continues. “I wanted to bring you here to tell you. It’s where we’ve always talked about things. Daniel, I don’t know what to do.”

Daniel was silent for what seemed like forever. They were standing under their favorite oak tree. She was right, this is where they shared everthing. This is where they fell in love. This news changes everything.

“Elizabeth. We want to travel. We live in a one bedroom apartment near campus. We don’t have any money. We’re a month from graduating. How did this happen.”

Tears fall. Elizabeth says, “I’m sorry.” She turns and walks away. When she gets to the sidewalk she feels his hand take hers.

Daniel whispers, squeezes her hand, “we’ll figure this out.”

In a while they begin talking, trying to make sense of it all, where to start. They are unaware of what is going on around them. They could be walking anywhere, they have a lot to figure out.


Gloria stared out the window of her assisted living apartment. She mumbles to herself, “I used to work in my garden tending flowers, mowing the lawn and feeding my birds and squirrels. I loved to be outside. Now I can only look out this rain spotted window down at the park. My yard was so beautiful. Look at those kids. Look at that independent woman.” Gloria looks down at her hands.

I used to be them. Now I’m old. I walk using this stupid walker. I’m alone and trapped. No one understands. If I could just walk through the flowers and trees, if I could just go for a walk in the park. A tear falls.

(Today’s writing assignment — Three perspectives. One park.)


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