I love homemade marble cake, and each birthday my grandma would make one for me. OMG it is so delicious and pretty! My candles lit in a circle around its bundt cake shape were a sight to behold. Let me make this story a little bit longer. 🙂

A birthday is such a special day. I’ve always believed that. And I guess that’s why I am pretty insistent that my gifts and cards are mailed so the recipient gets them on time. My husband would say I’m very anal about that one thing. OK, there may be others but this isn’t the time or place to get into that.

Anyway, back to the marble cake. A delectable delight!! A bundt cake pan gave it, its shape. Batter in white, chocolate and the deepest pink you can imagine. (I watched grandma and when I got married she taught me how to make it. I passed that on to my daughter.) Oh my, I keep getting off track trying to put in all the details.

Ok, back to the marble cake!! White batter with spoonfuls of chocolate and pretty pink scattered about. Then the most important thing, that butter knife used to swirl it all!!. Put it in the oven until done. Invert it on to a plate. Dust with powdered sugar. The cake is so good you don’t even need icing!! Calories save!! 🙂

Birthdays were big in my family. The candles were lit and Happy Birthday sung. I would always sing “I thank you very much” to the tune of Happy Birthday! Then the moment I waited for. The cake was cut and the swirls of chocolate and pink with a background of white were revealed!!

Last but not least, a bite!! Perfect!! Moist and firm. Real, homemade cake!! I can’t explain the flavor because it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted. Marble cake!! A memory I will always be able to recall. YUM!!


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