I’ve been called the EverReady Bunny, because I keep going and going and going. And it’s always a race to complete this, see that, prepare for one thing or another. Running.

I’ve been a runner for many years.  But recently I’ve found walking.

Not just walking for fitness, but walking, slowing down. You see, running is great exercise, but walking is great awareness. Walk along any path and look at what’s around you.


A butterfly. A flower.  Leafy plant.  Trees.  Appreciate the beauty.  Stop a moment to take in the sights and smells.  Let them fill your senses.

There are different kinds of walking.  The steady stroll.  The stop and look.  And then there’s the walking we do through our lives.  Stop running.  Slow down.   Take a stroll through life, and appreciate the moments. You’ll be amazed.

An evening with friends. Instead of thinking okay, I’m having friends over for dinner I need to do this, this . . . I just don’t have enough time. Stop running.  Take a few minutes and a deep breath and enjoy.

— Cleaning the house. The fresh smell of Windex. The shiny floor and dusted tables. Stop. Take a look. Smile.

— Preparing the meal. It’s an art. Blending all the right spices, the right sides to go with your entree, and that special dessert. Enjoy each ingredient, each smell, and don’t forget to take a taste. Beauty is in the preparation. Slow down. Appreciate.

— Take a moment to sit and have a drink before showering. Enjoy some quiet time. You deserve it.

— Enjoy your friends, enjoy your home, enjoy the meal. Sit and smile. Easy conversation.  Stay in the moment. Relax.

Walk don’t run.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. This is lovely! It’s a great sentiment, and one that I need to incorporate into my life more. I’ve begun literally walking a lot lately, having moved into a new city and being within walking distance of a lot of things. I’ve seen so many things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise and it’s amazing to see how things change each day! I guess I should start “walking” in other areas of my life too. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

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