As a retired person, I wanted volunteer job where I could come in, work my hours and leave at the end of the day. I didn’t want any homework, real or mental, or meetings, if you know what I mean. I just wanted to fill my days with a little bit of meaningful work.


I found a job at the local thrift store. I was to go through items and clean and ready them for the shelves on the sales floor. There were so many items to sort through, but my favorite were the knick knacks; those objects that people had sitting around collecting dust until they out stayed their welcome. I have a few in my house, but not as many as I used to. I’ve given much to the thrift store. One person’s junk is another person’s jewels, so they say.


I spent many days sorting through these lost items making them attractive for their new homes. Lots of ceramics, glassware and such. I’m sure someone spent many hours making them. Or, had picked out that one special item they had to have which didn’t fit with their décor any longer. Life’s like that, we find something we can’t live without and then life changes and that piece no longer fits.


One day I was washing some ceramic birds thinking about my grandma. She loved birds and flowers. In fact she raised canaries and African Violets during the depression and sold them. She was an entrepreneur.   Grandma also had a ceramic bird collection, and she had given me a few pieces.


As I looked through the birds I had picked to wash and ready for sale, I realized one piece, blue and yellow birds sitting on a flowered branch was actually a music box. I twisted the handle and Unforgettable began to play. Yes, grandma, you are unforgettable, I thought as I smiled. Thanks for visiting with me today.


Needless to say, that piece didn’t make it to the metal shelves on the sales floor. I paid the asking price and took it home with me. Sometimes memories are found in the most unexpected places.


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