I don’t like spiders and snakes and that ain’t what it takes to love me . . . I don’t like them but I am scared to death of roaches.  That nasty, never say die bug!!

I was introduced to them in El Paso, Texas.  Every spring when the swamp coolers were turned on they would scurry through the vents and sometimes end up on my ceiling.  Three inches with an extra four inches of tentacle.  Scared to death!

In 2007 I went on a mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana — Breeding ground for La Cucaracha.  We took showers about two blocks from the church where we stayed, in modular shower stalls with wooden floors.  My newly found friend and I were in separate stalls showering and singing after a long, hot, spirit filled day.  I remember the song — I Feel Pretty!  We sang in  harmony just like West Side Story, giggling the entire time.  During the second chorus I looked down and there was a very large roach at my feet.

Singing switched to screaming and I couldn’t stop.  My friend thought I had injured myself but all I could do was scream.  I couldn’t put words together other than — ROACH — HELP — HELP!!  Tears ran down my face and it wasn’t from the soap that covered my hair and body — They were real tears of fear.  I sprung out of the shower but knew I had to get back in to rinse off.  So, I said, maybe if I close my eyes I can finish showing.  That was the quickest rinse in history.

What makes me afraid of something I could stomp?  I don’t know, the mind is a crazy thing!  And left to my imagination, my mind has conjured a monster bug!  One that makes me stupid paralyzing crazy.  It’s just a bug I keep trying to tell myself.  Although, fact has it a roach can live without it’s head for 30 days, and that’s just flippin’ unreal.  They are indestructible.  They would probably feed off a nuclear attack!!  I can see it now — Attack of the killer roaches.  And I’ll only star in Part I, because it will definitely be death by fear with tears.



2 thoughts on “It’s just a . . .

  1. I can relate to this fear! During college I’ll never forget moving into a new duplex and screaming as GIANT cockroaches started crawling out of the bathroom drain and racing across the walls! You better believe I went and got some heavy duty pesticides!

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