(Assignment 18 — Story, first person, from the perspective of a 12 year old.)


“Today’s a beautiful day,” mom said, “why don’t you go outside and enjoy it!”  “Go see if Maddie is home!”  “Why don’t you play with her anymore?”  “I really like her.”

I finish the chapter I’m on and take my book and go outside.  Mom may be able to push me outside, but she can’t take away my book.  Stories never let you down.

I sit out on our front step.  There’s a little bit of shade.  I open my book and start to read when I hear Maddie’s voice. Can’t miss that sound.  I look up and she’s waving and smiling.  I start to wave back when I realize she isn’t looking at me.  It’s Susan from down the street.  I should have known better.  Madeline doesn’t like me anymore, she found a new, and as she says, cooler friend.  I get lost again, not in my book, but in my story.  What’s wrong with me.  Tears start to fall.  I wish I were gone.

I take a breath and look up to see a police car coming into our neighborhood.  Wow, that doesn’t happen on Sycamore Street.  It’s dull and boring here, unlike the places in my books.

Hmmmmm.  The car is stopping a couple houses down, Mrs. Pauley, or grandma as I used to call her.   The policeman is at her door, the screen door opens.  I can’t hear what’s going on.  Mrs. Pauley invites the policeman in.  A few minutes later Mrs. Pauley and the policeman walk outside.  Grandma looks sad.  Madeline sees her grandma and runs over.  She looks like she’s crying.  I watch.  My heart is sad.  Maddie was my best friend and I guess best friend feelings last forever even when the person doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.

Susan is waiting in the street.  She looks frustrated.   I’m sure she and Madeline had plans to do something fun, but can’t she see Maddie’s upset?

Mrs. Pauley was grandma to me too; that is until Susan stole her away.  I wonder if Susan calls her grandma.  I sit and stare and begin to feel so sad for Maddie and her grandma.  I’m not sure why I’m doing this, but I get up and walk over to grandma and Maddie.  I stand there for forever without saying anything.

“Hi,” I whisper.   Maddie is crying so hard, and the policeman looks so nervous.  Maddie says, “the policeman told grandma that my parents are in trouble.  A wreck.  Dead.  I don’t know what to do.  Why would they leave without me?”  “I spent the night at grandma’s and when I woke up I saw our truck loaded up with our stuff.”  “I asked grandma where they were going and she just said they were taking stuff somewhere.”  “I walked over to Susan’s house and she wasn’t there.”  “We had plans.”  “Grandma just told me mom and dad left before they got thrown out of our house.” ” I don’t understand.”  “Why did they leave me?”  Tears were streaming down her face.  She was talking in-between sobs.

“I’m sorry, Maddie,” I said, and started to cry.  I feel so sad for Maddie.

“My parents are gone.  I am,” she cried.  “Why?”  “I don’t know anything.”

Grandma was hugging us both, and I looked up and saw that Susan had left.  Grandma was holding tight to Maddie and Maddie was hugging her right back.  They’re like that.  They love each other so much.  I love them too.


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