My husband and I moved to Fort Myers, Florida August 19, 2013.  It was a whirlwind decision.  Talking to realtors.  Selling our house in Bloomington, Illinois.  Finding a condo in Fort Myers.  Selling all our stuff.

This is a second marriage for both of us.  Our spouses passed away in 2006 and 2008.  Mine from a sudden heart attack.  His from cancer.  Both tragic.  Both deaths different yet the same in that we were left alone to find a new normal.

We both retired, him in 2010, me in 2012.  We wintered in Florida during the months of January and February 2013.  Fell in love with the climate.  Came back to Bloomington in March to freezing cold weather.  And from there we talked and talked and talked about Florida.  Time for a change?  We thought so!!

We closed on our condo in Fort Myers on August 19, moved in and began to set down roots in the land of sunshine and warm air.

As I write this we are visiting family and friends in Bloomington.  Although, we have begun to call Fort Myers our home.

Starting over in a new city at 56 and 61 was not without its moments.  There were times when both of us were out of sorts (at different times).  There were times when we both thought, separately, what have we done!!  Because, moving to a new place, beginning a new life, may sound romantic, but it’s difficult work that requires much effort.

Making new friends.  Finding new places to do shopping.  Setting up our new house and making it our own. We had it painted and changed the oatmeal walls to sunshine yellow, the most beautiful shade of tropical orange, and blue water.  Finding new art that fit our personality, together.  Finding out more about each other.

Steve and I are peas and carrots.  I’ve said that from the beginning.  But, even peas and carrots enjoy separate flavors.  We love doing things together.  We bought kayaks and are enjoying the peaceful waters, sites and sounds, nature and wildlife.  We like to golf, him more than me.  We love the beach.  And we love being with friends.

We’ve made quite a few friends in this short time, and have had a few of them to our house for dinner.  I love to cook, to prepare a meal and watch people enjoy it.  We love to gather at friends’ houses or go out to dinner.  Meeting people, who are transplanted like us, has been a breath of fresh air.  He likes to sing and take pictures.  I like to write and dabble in painting.  And what we’ve learned is that Florida has brought us closer together and also given us time to figure out who we are as individuals.

We’re back in Bloomington right now, but Fort Myers feels like home.  It’s our new normal.


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