Sitting out on the lanai enjoying the beautiful warm weather that is Southwest Florida.  Always changing.  Clear skies in the morning, clouds building in the afternoon.  Sometimes clear skies on the north side of street and storm clouds to the south.  Will we get rain?  Who knows.

Several weeks ago we bought some wall art and as I looked at placement saw that the fish and turtles were swimming to and away from time.  That’s what we all do, we measure days by minutes.  We control most of our lives by looking at two hands continuously moving.  And then there are moments where we don’t care what time it is.  Those moments are the best.  Moments lost in time.  Relaxing.  Watching dragon flies.  Watching clouds change.  Just being.

Does anybody really know what time it is.  Does anybody really care . . . .About time.


image image


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