I’ve lived a while and have seen many years end and begin.  Sometimes there were parties with food, drinking and dancing ringing out the old. Sometimes the ringing was done without me as I lay sleeping.  Sometimes couldn’t wait for a new year to start.  And then there were a few years where I was torn between hanging on to the old or slamming the door on the old year with hopes of a better year ahead.  What I’ve found is life moves on regardless of my own experiences, my own attitude, my own particular thinking.

2014 was a good year.  I made great new friends.  Connected with old friends.  Ran on the trail and in some races, learning that pace doesn’t really matter, but continuing to move forward does.  Learned how to kayak and found pure joy in floating down the beautiful Estero River with its wildlife and haunting flora and fauna.  I painted a little, but looking back not as much as I  should have.  Joined a blogging class and faithfully completed each assignment, but lost interest once the assignments ended; I love to write but don’t take the time, sometimes that puzzles me.  Golfed on our gorgeous golf course with my husband and friends, and joined a couple of leagues; golfing is fun and frustrating at the same time.  Yes life was good and full in 2014.

So, what will 2015 hold.  I suppose it will hold all I put into it.  What are my resolutions.  I’ll figure them out as I go.  Until then I’ll keep feeding my passions and living life to the fullest.  What that means at the end of 2015 is anyone’s guess.  What I know for sure is I want to fill this next year with as much living as I can.

So, Here’s to surprises and setbacks.  Here’s to the freshness of a new year.  Here’s to lessons learned in old experiences.  Here’s to a year filled with living.  May we all experience many more.


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