I woke up this morning thinking God bless the outcasts. Those who live outside the margins. Bless those who feel like they just don’t fit. Who are we to judge who fits. But by the grace of God go I.

These times are filled with judgement. I woke up yesterday thinking we should all be more kind to one another. Less hate, more love. Less rejection, more acceptance. I’m sure those thoughts are filled with symbols of flowers, peace signs, and protests for some, that was my first thought. But is that such a bad thing?

God Bless the Outcasts
Lyricist: Stephen Schwartz

I don’t know if You can hear me
Or if You’re even there
I don’t know if You would listen
To a humble prayer

Yes, I know I’m just an outcast
I shouldn’t speak to You
Still I see Your face and wonder
Were You once an outcast too?

God help the outcasts
Hungry from birth
Show them the mercy
They don’t find on earth

Please help my people
They look to You still
God help the outcasts
Or nobody will

I don’t know if there’s a reason
Why some are blessed and some are not.
Why the few you seem to favor
They fear us, flee us, try not to see us

God help the outcasts
The tattered and torn
Seeking the answer
To why they were born

Winds of misfortune
Have blown them about
You made the outcasts
Don’t cast them out

The poor and unlucky
The weak and the old
I thought we were all
The children of God.

I ask for nothing
I can get by
But I know so many
Less lucky than I

God help the outcasts
The poor and downtrod
I thought we all were
Children of God


A Purple Palette


I’ve always loved this building in Times Square on Fort Myers Beach Florida.   It looks blue in this picture but I always see it as purple.  The sun makes it purple.

I’m an aspiring painter and love that the sign is a palette shape. It says, go ahead splash color on me, draw flowers, create.  I painted this purple shop a little over a year ago while participating in a quick paint.  Two hours from start to finish.  The end result was primitive but having that time limit allowed me to paint without over thinking.  Kind of a creation at first glance.


Assignment 2: Say Your Name

So this second assignment encourages me to think about RoundaboutRhonda as a title and if it’s still fitting

I chose the title because I love playing with words. If I say so myself, it flows off the tongue rather nicely. :-). RoundaboutRhonda. It also describes what I do.

A roundabout is a traffic calming road or circle that allows a person to choose an exit from the circle depending on your final destination. That includes, taking the road full circle and going back to where you started.

Roundabout fits me for the moment, as I take different roads down this life I’m living. I just need to be careful not to get stuck going in circles.


The Who. The What. The Why

Who am I and why am I here. Good question.

I’ve been retired for almost three years. Moved to Southwest Florida in August of 2013. Have been spending time connecting to our community.

Something’s missing. I think it’s that quiet time spent meditating. I also think it’s that magical time when I put the words down and my thoughts flow like water over stones in a stream. Not gushing full force landing with a splash in a pool, but more like gently and steadily moving forward through my stream of consciousness.

Okay, that’s kind of deep and metaphorical. Straight forward, I love to create. I love to see where my thoughts take me without pushing to hard for just the right word. Words taking shape as they leave the confines of my body, my soul and through my fingers take on a life of their own.

It’s fun to write. It’s fun to create. And I get a kick out of learning. That’s why I’m here. That’s who I am.