Who am I and why am I here. Good question.

I’ve been retired for almost three years. Moved to Southwest Florida in August of 2013. Have been spending time connecting to our community.

Something’s missing. I think it’s that quiet time spent meditating. I also think it’s that magical time when I put the words down and my thoughts flow like water over stones in a stream. Not gushing full force landing with a splash in a pool, but more like gently and steadily moving forward through my stream of consciousness.

Okay, that’s kind of deep and metaphorical. Straight forward, I love to create. I love to see where my thoughts take me without pushing to hard for just the right word. Words taking shape as they leave the confines of my body, my soul and through my fingers take on a life of their own.

It’s fun to write. It’s fun to create. And I get a kick out of learning. That’s why I’m here. That’s who I am.


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