While navigating this thing called life, we accumulate lots of stuff. Stuff worth keeping. Stuff we pitch shortly after we acquire. Stuff we should pitch but hang on to because we just can’t part with it.

I’m not talking about that priceless vase or piece of furniture. I’m talking about our past experiences. That stuff we stuff in our brain that emerges as a monster on those days when we’re at our weakest.  We should destroy that monster. Lock it out of our storage. We should throw that stuff out. Keep the lesson and throw out the the hurtful stuff.  We’d be better for it. 

But I know, that’s easier said than done. We are attached to our experiences much like that old vase that gathers dust in the far corner of our closet. Why is that?  Why do we keep that vase?  Great grandma gave it to grandma who gave it to mom who gave it to me. It doesn’t fit with my decor but the guilt associated with finding it a new home is overwhelming. Maybe someone else would display it in a prominent place instead of in the closet covered with dust. 

Why do we keep that stuff, stuffed in our self storage? That’s an even tougher question. Those thoughts and experiences get dusty. They get shoved to the back of storage because the experience happened so long ago. But unlike, a physical item, a long ago experience can be magically brought to the front without any trouble at all. We gladly remove the dust and nurse old wounds or guilt. How many times do we put it back before we finally get tired of revisiting it and toss it out for good.  We can’t and shouldn’t give it away. But we can glean the lesson and throw it away. 

After all, it is old stuff. 


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