Virginia Woolf said every woman must have a room of her own and money if she is to write fiction.  She spoke of that many years ago, and although romantics would say money is simply for material girls, I would say a girl has to eat. And a room of one’s own may not be a necessity but a roof over one’s head is nice to protect from the elements.  As a writer, a quiet place is essential to enable creative thought, or better yet continued creative thought.  🙂

I lived many years in central Illinois and my house was a story and a half.  On the half story was a loft that overlooked my landscaped backyard with pond and koi.  Looking out further was timber and a lake.  It was beautiful, a place of serenity. The loft was quiet and well lit.  Nature provided inspiration.  It was my room with a view.  My husband and I moved to Florida a couple years ago and downsized to a condo.  The view from our lanai provides fodder for writing and painting but is not necessarily quiet, especially in season.

So, I need to get creative.  My IPad can go anywhere.  So, for now my sacred place is in my mind’s eye.

image image


I’m RoundaboutRhonda. I will find many sacred places as I walk through this journey called life.


Last but not least — What should I write about?  How can I challenge myself?  Please leave your ideas in Comments.


7 thoughts on “A Sacred Place

  1. I thought of Virginia Woolf when I first saw the assignment also. And I wrote about the koi in one of the places I used to write. I love that cottage — that would be a perfect writing atelier!

    I think you need to write about what moves you–whatever that may be.

  2. I am in a similar situation. Recently returned to the southwest and major downsizing to a townhouse. Love the townhouse but I can’t seem to find that right fit creative space within it. I will figure it out!
    Your post inspires me.

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