I must admit, I am a Facebook junkie. I really don’t want to go to the app, but out of habit my fingers click  and there I am surrounded by my friends. Not all are my closest friends, but it is fun to take a peak at their lives. Of course, one must take the good with the bad and it seems like the old book face is filled with anger and hatred these days as well as the grandkids’ first day of kindergarten. 

Political viewpoints. Religious beliefs. Violence. Racism. If you want your daily dose, just scroll through the pages of your friends, and their friends, and, well you’ve got the picture.  I will admit I’m opinionated but do scroll past many postings without comment even though I may disagree.  After all, sometimes the best comment is no comment. 

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit depressed. It’s not just Facebook, it’s radio, music, television, billboards. We are so filled with bitterness. Where’s the joy?  And then it happened. I opened the app and what post did my eyes see first?


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